A Digital Ghost?

Have you ever received a Facebook notification reminding nudging you to wish Happy Birthday to a deceased friend? It’s an odd experience, almost as if the internet is nudging you to hang out with an old friend. It’s almost, because any interaction is strictly one way.

What if interaction could feel like its two way, and you almost feel like you could see the one you lost?

The below video tells the story of one guys experience playing a computer game against his dead Dads previous best, and at the same time, giving what could be the best reason to play computer games.

The voice over is pulled directly from a YouTube comment that was under a video called, “Can Video Games Be a Spiritual Experience?” Could the above be described as a spiritual experience?

I sometimes wonder what technology would look like in 20 – 30 years time. If people can have experiences like the above with what would now be consider old technology, what does the future hold?

In fact, is (what we might consider) a future technology already happening?

I read a theory a few months ago, that you could argue that human beings are separated into two separate states. One is our physical bodies. The other is our identities, or our souls.

Most (if not all) religions have a concept of an afterlife. A place where the soul lives on, but what if our earthly identity could be captured?

Eternime is one example of a company with plans to help your digital identity live on. They plan to combine everything you put on social media, photos from smart phone, email, and so on – the aim being to create a digital version of yourself, that will be accessible after you die.

According to the BBC website:

“Depending on the facts it has collected, the avatar will be able to offer anything from basic biographical data to being an engaging conversational partner,” says Marius Ursache, Eternime’s founder.

It is set to launch next year, and according to Eternime, more than 37,000 people have already signed up for the service.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure how I feel about this.

On one hand, I’m not going to be around for ever. Could there be some comfort in having a “digital dad” available online after I’m gone? But what if the service fails? Wouldn’t that be some sort of “second death”?

Doesn’t the idea of a “second death” sound creepy?

Does the whole thing sound a little creepy? People I’ve spoken to have commented on how weird it sounds. Is weird, because it sounds unnatural? And is it so unnatural, that we’re in danger of not just playing God, but going full blown Black Mirror? 

One last thought. If parents are meant to set an example to their children, how are we meant to set an example about something like this? 

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Mudpie Fridays

Summer Activities Around Exeter

We’re around the half way point of the Summer holidays. Congratulations on making it this far! By now, you may have gone on some sort of holiday somewhere, gone to the local park once or twice, and done as many activities as possibly around the home. Here’s a look at mostly free / almost free activities around Exeter and Devon, to get you through the rest of the Summer Holiday. 

The Exeter Royal Albert Musuem

Exeters fantastic museum has a number of seaside themed activities during the rest of August. Personally I like the look of the Lego aquarium.

The River Cottage Summer Festival

Fun galore awaits children and adults alike as the River Cottage Summer Festival draws near. Taking place across the August bank holiday weekend (26th – 27th August) the Festival offers visitors a packed schedule of family friendly activities and foodie delights. The whole family can enjoy top music acts and great children’s entertainment, all in a beautiful East Devon setting.  Children under 16 go free when accompanied by an adult making the Summer Festival a fantastic, affordable day out for the whole family and a perfect way to celebrate the end of the summer season. Book at the River Cottage Website.

Grab a bite to eat in ExeterGet A Bite To Eat.

Whats better then going out for food? How about getting samples of free food, to the sound track of various buskers? Princesshay in the centre of Exeter has  a number of “tasting stations” set up on Saturdays during August, offering free samples from the eateries within Princesshay.

Play Golf in The Boat Shed.

For old school Exeter people, it used to be the Exeter Maritime Museum. Now its The Boat Shed, owned by the same guys that run The Bike Shed Theatre in town.  Over the summer its home to Miniature Golf, featuring a miniature Fore Street, a Cathedral, and the ruins of the city wall.

Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral also seems to offer a fab welcome to families, and during the rest of august have a number of activities from an Urban Forest School, to a Potions and Spells session. I guess there is also the Lego Cathedral being built. (Thats something I keep meaning to go back to check out)

Go Gruffalo Hunting!

You can go Gruffalo Hunting at Haldon Forest! We went, had a fab time, and took loads of pictures. (Warning for spoilers!) More information about the gruffalo hunt can be found here.

Play Splash!

The St Thomas Splash Pad has water fountains, tipping buckets and cannons on a brightly coloured surface. There is also a large children’s playground, public toilets and parkland nearby.

The playground is suitable for toddlers and under 12s and has a range of equipment including springers, swings, multiplay unit and a stand on seesaw. (text grabbed from

Games in an Exeter Park?

We came across one of these that were organised in July, seemed well attended, well organised, with lots of evidence of fun being had.