Dear David Cameron, Good Bye, and Thank You?

Dear David Cameron,

I’ve wondered over the last couple of days, as we’ve seen you moving on from being PM (and possibly a massively well paid speaking job and / or middle eastern peace seeking role), what my daughter will hear about you as she grows up? What will she hear about how the country was led back when she was born?

Will she hear about how you encouraged a Big Society as you came to power? And how that phrase seemed to disappear as time went on?

Will she cover the Libyan war in History? I wonder what people will say about that, and how the after effects were managed?

If she asked, would I mention about how some may say that your party’s campaign tactics have been a little… negative?  The thing is, it has occasionally worked for you.

What will people say if she asks about Englands response to the refugee crises? (As a side note, I guess thats still ongoing, not heard about it in the news recently)

I guess a lot of what she will hear will depend on what happens over the next few years. Will the UK still be United? I wonder if History will come up with a clear reason over why we had a referendum?

Would I tell her about the welfare state, the sanctions, and the changes in the benefit system that arguably led to a rise in Food Banks?

Or should I just explain that it was in your time that I and others really seemed to start to care about politics? That people gave up their own time to help other people, and run things like foodbanks? I guess some would argue you’ve done something about housing.  Stuff like that, I guess you should be thanked for.


Thanks for your time. (I guess time will tell anyway. )



Dads Sofa

P.S. Thanks for not taxing pasties.

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