Well That Was Easter…

Well, that was the Easter holidays, and while some people post photo bombs of their best bits, here’s a roundup of our more questionable moments over the last two weeks.

  1. Bed time routine. I mean I’m sure no parents are great at this over the holidays, but considering the time the small one has been going to sleep, and the time she woke up over the bank holiday weekend. I reckon the chances of her sleeping soul almost being carried out the house tomorrow morning are fairly high.
  2. I’m blaming the Covid throat, but I have a fresh Coke Zero addiction.
  3. We have a marble run. No not just a set, but one that goes down the stairs. I blame a school activity, but really? I blame Topsy and Tim. At least wine improves the abilty to deal with the obstacle course known as going up and down stairs right?
  4. Watching Episode 5 of XMen 97. I am NOT FEELING OK!
  5. I’ve delved back into Stardew Valley. This might be a mistake.
  6. Working on the undergrowth known as the weeds in our garden, without checking if we had a plan for what could only be desribed as a tiny forest that we would dig up.
  7. There are only so many tomato plants you can fit in a windowsill. I may have gone over that amount.
  8. I may have started collecting retro games. This could also be a mistake.
  9. Sims 4. Her imagination is off the charts at times. The game is free. I’m obviously going to introduce her to Sims. I mean. Exactly how bad can it be to introduce a massively addictive game to an 11 year old?

All in all.

Very successful.

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