Well guess who’s late at getting covid

Well. It finally happened.

Basically four years after covid ripped through the world, I’ve finally caught covid.

I mean I know sometimes I’m not the quickest to pick up on things, but this is ridiculous. I mean as a world, we’ve basically forgotten about it.

So obviously, this is the point I get hit by it

As I seem to be coming out the other side of it, (aside from the random headaches, coughs etc), I figured I would share some of what I saw.

Mostly because, its not like I’ve had much chance for the sort of unfortunate social contact which makes up the majority of my content.

Anyway. Here’s what I saw from getting covid…

  1. Tired. In a screw this kinda way. Sometimes in a sleep kinda way. Sometimes both.
  2. I seem to have the chest capacity of a small asthmatic ant. This will probably mean I’ll be having some form of death cough for the next 6 months, which will lead to worried glances from innocent people as I splutter around them.
  3. Intermittent wheezing, and deep breathing. Running the risk that I might get confused as some sort of cut-price Darth Vader.
  4. Weird ass dreams. No really.
  5. The stomach doesn’t seem to know what the hell it wants, bread – and I mean gluten-free bread is now some sort of dangerous sport for my insides, which feels very unfair, because well. Two things.
    1. Bread is life.
    2. Gluten Free bread barely counts as bread.


There is the mild feel of injustice at seeing the wife get a positive result, and her feeling tired, “its a bit like a cold”.

I say injustice, someone needed to keep parenting. And well… obviously you dont want loved ones to be sick, but it feels like the household is a classic showcase of how covid is a weird assed infection, that, can get in the bin.

And the that bin can be melted down.

And the remains disposed off.

Far away from me.

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