IBS. Some Newbie Observations

Around the start of August, and after having a massively weird stomach for a couple of weeks, I was diagnosed with having Irritable bowel syndrome. Reading over the IBS symptoms, made a few other things make sense – like going to sleep after some meals. That sort of thing.

So over the last month, I’ve been trying to work out what having IBS means. I figured (in case it helped anyone), that I would share my initial observations of the world of having Irritable bowel syndrome.

  1. Embrace it, you might feel better once you’ve worked out what’s causing it.
  2. Yeah, everything online about Irritable bowel syndrome is a bit complicated.
  3. If your IBS works that way, embrace the world of smoothies.
  4. Sainsburys “Free From” bread does indeed taste like Cotton Wool inside your mouth. That doesn’t mean it tastes nice.
  5. Your waist line might smile at you.
  6. Questioning what you should / shouldn’t eat can help your wallet as it forces you to think twice when out shopping.
  7. Gluten and wheat free beer is… alright.
  8. On second thoughts (after having tried it from Tescos) “Free From” bread rolls, simply don’t seem to be good. At all.
  9. Bar B Qs are weird without anything to hold the meat.
  10. You might feel great if you eat very little – make sure you don’t eat too little. Work out what you can eat, because, eating is good.

If you’ve got any tips and tricks about IBS please get in touch and share them with me.

In the mean time, I need to go and work out how to eat at a BBQ…

4 Thoughts on “IBS. Some Newbie Observations

  1. Toast the bread. It’s the best way.
    Or make your own bread that is gluten free.

    Tesco multiseed freefrom bread is the best we’ve found.

    Try Acidophilus. Works for us.

    IBS sucks, but going wheat/gluten free is difficult.

  2. There are various sorts of flatbread/crispbread-like things that are gluten free. They don’t try to be bread and (I’m assured by other people) are better at being what they are. Perhaps not for BBQ but for sandwiches etc.

    For BBQ I suggest a bacon sandwich. Sure, bacon is a little sticky, but what could be more awesome? 🙂

    Or just go kebab style and stab everything with a long stick. Take your own with you, in case anyone invites you to an impromptu BBQ.

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