Saving Money Over Christmas

Welcome to Christmas 2016. Well, we’re almost there anyway. Either way it feels like Christmas is in full swing with people filling the streets and Christmas markets, all spending money on the perfect Christmas presents, or on other Christmas things. (Mulled Wine anyone?) Christmas is an expensive time, and unless you’re a politician, banker, or former UKIP leader*, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are also trying to find ways to save money.

I thought I would share some ways we’ve thought of saving money at Christmas.

  1. Recycle Centre Shops. Do you have a recycling centre near by? It might be worth checking if they have a shop attached to it, where they sell off items that people have dropped in for really cheap. Like 20p for a dvd cheap. Some of the items there may be questionable in quality or stock, but if you treat them as places that might have something decent, you may find a treasure – and find a cheap Christmas present! (In fact it was on one visit that I was inspired to write this)
  2. Reuse old cards. Have you cards on hand from last year, or know anyone who might have? Get arty and repurpose some old cards!
  3. Check out Freecycle… there might be someone there giving away a Christmas jumper? If so jump on it like you’ve got the plague, and you’re trying to infect someone.
  4. Are you on O2? Check out the priority app for cheap / free stuff!
  5. Limit gifts! Got a partner? Decide on a limit of how much money you’re going to spend on each other, at worse you might find this challenges your imagination a little bit!
  6. Plan for next year. Is your Christmas tree on its way out? Take advantage of the sales, just be warned if you buy something broken – I doubt you’d get away with taking it back 11 months afterwards. (But don’t quote me on this)

Are there any you would add? 

*Other massively way paid jobs are available.

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