#MySundayPhoto – Hello Puppy…

Well, not really a puppy.
Not any more. He’s grown up since he was a puppy.

A slightly older photo as the Sofa family has been kinda filled with colds and flu over the last week – therefore fun things like Blog and Photography is starting to slow down… Hopefully normal service will be restored one day!


10 Thoughts on “#MySundayPhoto – Hello Puppy…

  1. Ah, he’s a lovely dog. Decided he’s a retriever rather than a sheepdog though? It’s funny because throw a stick for our dogs on the farm (labs and spaniels) and they’d have no idea what to do with it. They’re gun dogs (except for our lab who’s gunshy!)

  2. You have one very happy looking dog there, Andy. Hope he’s keeping you all supplied with love and cuddles to help you feel better.


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