#MySundayPhoto – View From A Wedding Reception

I’ve been to a fair few weddings, and therefore wedding receptions in my life.

In fact there was that one year where we basically managed to ‘do’ 5 weddings and a funeral.

But there was something about this view at the Somerset County Ground which was fantastically unique.

Now I cant claim to be a cricket fan, but after this afternoon, I can see the appeal in watching it live.


9 Thoughts on “#MySundayPhoto – View From A Wedding Reception

  1. Cricket (at least in its non-limited overs formats) is a surprisingly chilled sporting experience to watch. I haven’t visited the ground at Taunton but I’ve watched both Test and one-day matches at a number of the larger grounds in the country. Any sport where you can lounge around for the day with wine and a picnic is fine by me. 🙂

  2. Sitting back in the summer sun and gently quaffing cider or wine while enjoying the cricket. Yes, it has a certain appeal. What a wonderful location for a reception.

  3. There’s something satisfying to know that there’s cricket being played. It says that the English summer is coming. But don’t tell anyone that I haven’t got the patience to watch! #MySundayPhoto

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