Are you Will Ferrell The Smartphone-Addicted Dad?

Love this from Common Sense Media’s #DeviceFreeDinner campaign.

Even though I’m probably a little more like this…


We’re not bad at having a device free dinner… but its not like we have a teenager… Could I actually be Will Ferrell?

While I’m not sure how well it works for families with little little ones, if you have concerns, or just want to find out abit more about the affect of using Digital technology on family life, I recommend giving Mark Ellis’ Digitox a read.

Digitox is split into two sections; The first is looking at why taking a break from digital can be good for you. The second looks at what happened when Mark decided it was time for his family to take a one day break from digital living – every week.

Lesson 1. Plan what you’re going to do with your time in advance.

Grab it here from Amazon. 

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I originally posted this over at Digital Caffeine.

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3 Thoughts on “Are you Will Ferrell The Smartphone-Addicted Dad?

  1. Can’t believe we’ve come to a time where we have to remind people to just put away the phone to have dinner with loved ones. If i go out to eat, at the restaurant, looking around the room, more people are on their screens then speaking to people. Sad reality. #thesatsesh

  2. Great examples. I love the looks on the faces of those sitting around the table – complete disappointment and disbelief. Sadly, this is the scene at many dinner tables. People miss out so much by not being present and in the moment. #thesatsesh

  3. Digitox sounds like a really good read. We have ‘screen free Sunday mornings’ every week and I want to make it a whole day when I have more energy! It’s a time I love and do worry about the impact of devices on us all. Devices will never be allowed at our meal times (famous last words!!)! #thesatsesh

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