Questions While Watching CBeebies

I love CBeebies. (The BBCs dedicated TV channel for little people). Yeah I’ve said it. Almost anything released on CBeebies seems to at least survivable for parents to watch. (Dont mention Teletubbies -they are exception here).

But I can’t help but have some questions about some of the CBeebies Shows I catch myself watching…*

Andys Prehistoric Adventures

Questions When Watching CBeebies Andys Prehistoric Adventures

Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures for example. Sure OK, he’s had a history of flying around the world, but this time travelling thing.

How did Andy discover he can travel in time?

From what I can tell, Andy can only travel in time when the clock chimes, and he stands in front of it in time to shout the time he wants to travel to. Its a system with so many ways to go wrong, it makes the Doctors TARDIS look accurate.

How did he discover that this all happened?

Postman Pat

Well. Where do I start? Historically, Pats not been reliable or efficient at being a postman. Which considering “Postman” is his first name, is kinda unfortunate. How has he kept his job for so so long?

This level of inefficiency of his work leads me onto my next question about Postman Pat. Where the sticking heck did he get a flipping helicopter from?  He delivers pretty much just around the countryside. He’d be fine delivering from a van. Maybe I’m just jealous?

Maybe I want a helicopter for my work?


Teletubbies, are the exception to the “CBeebies are good” rule. The show is a terrifying blip on the CBeebies landscape, they make the characters of In The Night Garden seem normal, and not like a drug induced trip through a hallucinogenic mushroom forest.

But I guess small kids love it.

Teletubbies annoyed me when they first appeared. This new incarnation of Teletubbies seem to have Teletubbie babies.

Aren’t Teletubbies meant to be babies themselves? If so, how in the name of Justins ass does that work?

Get Well Soon

Lovely innocent show featuring Dr Ranj being a kind Doctor to a bunch of worried puppets. I wonder if Dr Ranj has ever had to give a puppet bad news?

Kate and Mim-Mim

Charming show. Google describes it as:

Kate is a young girl with a wild imagination. It’s that imagination that attracts a bunny named Mim-Mim, who becomes a larger-than-life playmate for Kate as they travel to the fantasy world of Mimiloo. Kate goes there whenever she has a problem at home that she needs to solve. In Mimiloo, Kate can be whatever she wants, from a princess to a pirate. Other residents of Mimiloo include gardener Gobble, inventor Tack and mischievous Boomer. When each adventure ends, Kate has solved her problem and is anxious to get home to tell her parents about it.

What I want to know is, what’s happening in the “real world” whilst Kate is in her fantasy world of Mimiloo? Has she collapsed? Is she frozen? Or is she simply sat there, unresponsive, like a young girl in front of a TV screen?

In The Night Garden

This is Teletubbies for the next generation. If Teletubbies is about babies learning to talk, In The Night Garden appears to be the fevered dream of Iggle Piggle as he drifts alone on the ocean.

Within this dream, we seem to find The Night Garden. There we find a number of “interesting” characters, including Upsy Daisy, how does she make her hair – and skirt stand up like that on demand?

Each episode of In The Night Garden ends with Iggle Piggle being told by a calming voice, “Its Ok Iggle Piggle, its time to go”. Considering the state we find him at the start of the episode, does this mean that each episode of the childrens bedtime favorite, ends with the death of the main character? 


Have you got any questions or wonderings about CBeebies shows similar to the above? 

*This is meant to be taken light-hearted. Honest. I didn’t mean it to all go a little bit #CbeebiesDarkThoughts. Honest…

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7 Thoughts on “Questions While Watching CBeebies

  1. haha it did go a little dark. I don’t know all these shows, but I do know few. I have to say I never liked the teletubbies, my nephew was obsessed with them back in 2001 and I thought it was just way too weird! I wonder what Kate does in the ‘real world’ Interesting thought. #thesatsesh

  2. Haha! Oh no! We LOVE Teletubbies, and The Night Garden! Haven’t watched the new Tt though, and probably never will either. The baby thing is just too wierd, and Noo-noo has changed colour… Too much novelty, we’re sticking to the old episodes ?

  3. Haha! Oh no! We LOVE Teletubbies, and The Night Garden! Haven’t watched the new Tt though, and probably never will either. The baby thing is just too wierd, and Noo-noo has changed colour… Too much novelty, we’re sticking to the old episodes ?

  4. Those teletubby babies are awful! I didn’t mind the original ones but they can naff off! Our aerial has been broken for about a year so we’ve been stuck with Netflix – specifically Paw Patrol and Blaze and the Monster Machines. ….Don’t even get me started with what’s wrong with those (Why does Blaze need a driver?!!!) or I won’t shut up! Thanks for a giggle 🙂 #thesatsesh

  5. #thesatsesh you aren’t alone. Ive thought nearly all of theses, especially Dr R and Andy discovering his skill set…im also concerned about ‘In the night garden’ or ITNG to true fans…where does Opsy daisy find her stones in a GRASS field??? endless…..

  6. Love this!!! My household has grown out of cbeebies and I’m not ashamed to say I miss it!!! Charlie and Lola , Topsy and Tim ,Sarah and Duck how are those guys doing??!!Pat is a bloody liability mind!! #thesatsesh

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