Daddy, can I have your phone?

Daddy, can I have your phone?, she asked.
“I’d like to play my games”, she went onto explain.

We were sat there in the car, within Sainsburys carpark, and I decided just to pass over my phone.

I could have said no. But I wanted a quieter life.

As I repositioned myself in the car, I realised what this meant.

No music.
No Facebook.
No Kindle access.

And I stopped.

I did nothing but think.

I managed to think about thoughts that I decided to think. Not what my little black mirror told me to think about.

I heard someone talk awhile back how “doing nothing” was once scheduled into our lives…. waiting for public transport… walking to work… standing around waiting for people… This time naturally gave people a chance to think and process what was happening in their lives. This was argued as a reason for an increase in people having problems with stress… anxiety… sleeping…

Maybe we just don’t like being bored.

But we’re surprised when our kids complain about being bored.

Perhaps, it would help us all out if we were all a little bit bored at times?

Mission Mindfulness

4 Thoughts on “Daddy, can I have your phone?

  1. I love this! It’s really got me thinking. You’re totally right, we never give ourselves the time to do nothing any more because if we have a spare second we immediately pick our phones up. I’ll be making more of an effort to put my phone down from now on and actually think about things I want to think. Thanks for opening my eyes! #thesatsesh

  2. Going technology free and allowing for boredom to set in is a good idea at times. It allows for your inner creativity to be unleashed. #thesatsesh

  3. #thesatsesh yes!!! children who are allowed to be bored develop better social skills (by persuading people to engage with them) and have better imaginations. I agree that we all need a little bored time, its a thought process that is totally under valued.

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