There Some Places That Aren’t Great For Me… #MySundayPhoto

There are some places that, while pretty, probably aren’t great for. At least.
Not without the right amount of Hayfever meds.

This was taken minutes before by nose erupted, I wouldn’t stop sneezing, and my eyes… were almost begging to be scratched out…

Anyway. A quick trip to the chemists later, I know have Piriton to try out.


12 Thoughts on “There Some Places That Aren’t Great For Me… #MySundayPhoto

  1. Beautiful flower and I feel your pain or sneeze as the case may be. I have the same problem with pollen and yes I have a garden. Love the flowers – hate the congestion

  2. well worth a few sneezes for this photo. I’ve just returned to the UK for the summer and already I’m full of cold, i started sneezing on the plane as we crossed the English Channel #mysundayphoto

  3. Teen 2 suffers badly with hayfever. Which clashes with his love of sports. Freshly cut grass is a real torture to him.

    Doesn’t help that being a teen he knows best and won’t take medicine BEFORE going out to play.

    We find Piriton great. Hope it works.

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