That Summer Holiday Bucket List

So at the start of the Summer, I put together an incredibly cheesy list of things that I wanted us to do as a family this Summer… It wasn’t very ambitious, but here’s how we got on…

  1. Try one of the Gluten Free Cones at Orange Elephant. DONE. And they are awesome. If you’re Gluten Free, and bored of being surrounded by your icecream cone eating family? Get yourselves here.
  2. Tidy the living room. Yeah. That was dumb.
  3. Pick sunflowers at Darts Farm. DONE. Mental note for next year to go at the start of the season!!
  4. Explore a different beach to normal… – Meh. We live in Devon. There’s always the chance for another beach.
  5. Take a boat ride.DONE. We jumped on the ferry from Topsham to Turf Hotel, which… well is basically found deep in the Exe estuary. If you’ve not been, go there. But remember it is a little like a pilgrimage to get there.
  6. Go fruit picking. DONE. Want to go fruit picking in Devon? Google thornes farm shop. Worth it.
  7. Jump around Dartmoor. DONE. Went exploring. In sandals. Got wet feet.
  8. Get the paddling pool out, spend the rest of the summer trying to fix that part of the lawn. NOPE Didn’t do that since the start of the holidays. I believe the lawn is kinda thankful for that.
  9. Think about looking for the big tent. DONE. And put up. And slept in. And felt tired the next morning.
  10. Drink Cider. By a river. (And repeat). DONE. And it was good. (Thank you Turf for being you.)
  11. Actually finish painting the shed. – Nah… that thing is like the flippin forth bridge….
  12. Remember to defrost burgers before the BBQ is lit. #WIN
  13. Tidy the living room. DONE. HONEST. No, please don’t ask for pictures…
  14. Just move the flipping stuff around the living room, so it appears to be tidy in Instagram photos. TOTALLY DONE

Now… we just need to survive the new term at school…

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