Long term readers will know a simple fact about us. We love CBeebies.

The BBCs dedicated TV channel for little people is simply awesome in many ways. Granted “In the Night Garden”, and “Moon and Me” are kinda terrifying, but the rest of CBeebies is awesome.

We do tend to indulge our CBeebies love via iPlayer, which gives my imagination plenty of time to ask a few questions about what we’re watching…

How did Nikki appear in Bing?

Bing, series 1, features Bing Bunny and friends, doing… Bing… things.

Bing series 2. Nikki appears in the intro sequence. Like he was there all along? Perhaps there’s some sort of Buffy The Vampire Slayer style plot going on?

How do the Click Ons work in Go Jetters?

You must have seen Go Jetters? That’s the show with the funky intro tunes, and funky facts. It also features the Go Jetters running around the world, solving problems. As part of the problem, their suits get “upgraded” with Click Ons that help them solve the problem.

The thing is, how does that work?They don’t run back to their ship, their suits just seem to get upgraded where there are.

Therefore…The Go Jetters are obviously using Iron Man suits right? Nanotech style? Could this mean that Tony Stark could end up being featured in one episode?

What is the deal with Glitch?

The earlier episodes follow a similar format. The Go Jetters go somewhere. Glitch is there. Does this mean that Glitch is part of their training? Considering later episodes show Ubercorn hanging out with Glitch, I guess this isn’t totally unlikely?

Whats the deal with Waffle Doggie?

He is a dog, that can talk.

And read.

And possibly a load of other skills.

So my question is simple.Why on earth has he not been stolen away for some secret government experiment? Or at least met Mulder and Scully or someone like that? 


What is going on? And can I hire them to help me get to work quicker?

Are there any cBeebies shows that leave you questioning what you’ve just watched?

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