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Well isn’t this a “brave new world”? With the Coronavirus virus outbreak leading to schools closing, parents are now finding themselves in the world of “Home Education” (Or I guess “Home Learning”), more than ever before.

Now its important for us all to remember, this is Home Education – not Home Schooling, there is a difference.

If you’re looking for some Home Education Resources, have a look at this list for inspiration. (And plenty of screen time).

Wellbeing activities for kids stuck indoors. (Based Around the NHS five ways to Wellbeing)

Home Education Resources - Maddie

Go look around a museum! Well take a virtual tour anyway

How does Rice grow? How do seeds get around? How is Lego made? Maddie from “Do You Know” answers these questions on her website – and loads more.

FREE AUDIBLE STORIES! <- And the reason I wrote this post, because I kept forgetting about this! Give your voice a rest at story time, and put on an audio book.

Go back in time for The Corner Shop. Some history, mixed with that place where we used to get Freddo’s, newspapers, and penny sweets.

Explore The Great Indoors with the Scouts. Personally I fancy the idea of making a raft..

A Maths Lesson

Anything I should add?

Please post them below!!

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