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Reasons To Get Out

Welcome to Lockdown. What is it, week 10? I dont know? Either way, we’re stuck in this weird place where the government are saying that the restrictions are being lifted, yet no one really knows if thats because its safer, or because the government want us talking about something that isn’t taking a trip to […]

Moving (Web) Home

Have you ever had a thought that you couldn’t get rid of? A while back, I wondered about this blog, and wondered why it was used to be called “Dads Sofa”. While it made sense at the time, it didn’t seem to make sense now. After all, I seemed to find myself posting more about […]

Come Find Me on Instagram!

(The title to this could also be, “Why I’ve not updated the blog for a while.”) This is a both a blatant plug for people who are Instagram to come and find me on Instagram, but also a little note about the lack of updates on here. That actually sounds more serious than it is. […]