Ways Parents Can Cope with Sleep Deprivation

It was at some silly early time. The Little One was having trouble, and I was laying on her floor encouraging her back to sleep. Somewhere between trying to mutter gentle encouraging tones, and dozing to sleep, I wondered about how parents cope with sleep deprivation.

Coffee is the easy solution to help parents cope with little sleep. But I wondered if there were there any other ‘alternative’ ways to help parents stay awake?

Here’s what I found*…

Deathwish Coffee

I didn’t drink coffee before I had our little one.

Now I do if the need raises – at the risk of some sort of weird caffeine high…
I wonder how much this would wake me up?

Amazon Link.

Caffeine Shampoo

shampooNeed to wake up?

Have a shower!

Need to really wake up?

Have a shower!

Amazon Link

Caffeine Sweets!

Have a sweet tooth?Sweets

You obviously want to wake up…

Why dont you combine your need to wake up, with your want for a swee, with some Caffeine sweets from Amazon!

Shoot Water in your face!

Need to wake up?

Try taking one water gun, and shooting yourself in the face!

Or train your little one to do it… might as well start the water fights at some point.


Amazon Link.

Risk giving yourself electric shocks!

Play with this in your pocket…

Try playing with it when your driving…

Write with it when making notes in the bath…

The shock may not last long, but it would keep you awake!

Buy from Amazon


Do you have any other ideas?

*HEALTH WARNING. Please dont treat this seriously. If you are having problems sleeping – deal with that, DO NOT focus on the staying awake bit. Besides – dont blame anyone if giving yourself electric shocks while driving doesn’t work out for you!

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2 Thoughts on “Ways Parents Can Cope with Sleep Deprivation

  1. Great post! Sleep deprivation was the subject of my latest post as we we try to get my son’s sleeping patterns back in check after an illness. Yours was much funnier. Cheers!

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