Keeping Kids Entertained During The Holidays

Welcome to the school holidays! If you don’t have kids, this probably means an easier journey to work, if you do this probably means you, or someone else needs to come up with ways to stop the little darlings from watching nothing but Cbeebies all day long.

But what can be done to entertain kids throughout the school holidays? Well here are a few ideas to help*.

Here is our list of ways to keeping kids entertained during the school holidays…

    1. Compile a list of all the local holiday clubs. GET TO ALL OF THEM.
    2. Picnics! AKA Uncomfortable meals surrounded by bugs!
    3. Run a marble run all over your house. When it goes wrong – remember – never again watch that episode of Topsy and Tim where Joyce managed to set it up ok.
    4. Run a treasure hunt around your local supermarket. AKA Do the shopping.
    5. Take all your toilet rolls and create a 1:1 scale model of the Eiffel Tower.
    6. Go on a quest. To the local family friendly pub.
    7. Bribe the kids into helping declutter the house (Good luck)..
    8. Explore the local park. No matter what the weather!
    9. Breakout that craft box. See how much glitter stays on the paper (that you’ve laid out to catch it), versus the amount that gets spread all over the bleddin floor.
    10. When all else fails. Cbeebies. Thank you CBeebies, for being you. (Not you Bing)

Any you would add?

*Obviously “help” is a subjective concept.

DIY Daddy

The Parents Back To School Checklist

Well done! You’ve made it through the holidays! It’s time to send the kids back to school! Obviously it’s easy to say that the kids are “going back to school”, but actually the whole back to school thing is a mission in on itself.
To help you survive this mission with your sanity, here is the Dads Sofa Back to School Checklist: (Warning. May not be the most sensible help ever)
Don’t forget the following…
  • Alarm Clock! Use it!
  • Book bag! Because you probably forget it enough anyway.
  • Smart phone. To take Facebook ready photos of the first day of term.
  • School uniform! If it’s too big during the first week it doesn’t matter. They’ll grow into their uniform at some point during the year.
  • Snacks! Don’t be a fool. If you pick up a small child, bring snacks!
  • Nice snacks. For when said child has eaten the sensible more filling snack.
  • Notes. To help you remember the nice bits of the holiday… not just the moments when you were screaming at each other…
  • Wine. Helps with bedtime.
Any I’ve missed?