What to expect when shopping with a Toddler.

There are certain things that people don’t warn you about when you’re having a kid. Everyone talks about the lack of sleep, but no one warns you about going shopping into town with a toddler.

Heres our list of things of what to expect when shopping with a Toddler.

  1. You feel the need to ask your shopping companion to not lick anything.
  2. There’s an awful amount of running.
  3. … And playing hide and seek.
  4. You’re not the only one who snacks.
  5. Its interesting how much extra energy you can find when you decide to carry your Little One.
  6. There’s more stopping and tidying up then you would expect.
  7. You plan your route through the store to avoid anything that looks like Frozen, Bing, Peppa Pig, etc….
  8. Talking to lifts isn’t unusual.
  9. You HAVE TO help a little person with the lift controls. If not who knows where you’d end up.

Anything you can add?

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