10 Things I May Have Learnt This Week

I admit it, I may have neglected the blog a little bit recently, I guess the busyness of life squeezed out my ability of coming up with blog ideas.  Heres a random list of things I may or may not have learned during this busy period. (Hopefully the following is a more interesting read then I made it sound)

  1. Fridge freezer shopping is really boring. Unless you live tweet the experience. (Which seemed to really engage people on twitter)
  2. Live Tweeting fridge freezer shopping may lead to an idea for a book of really bad ideas. (Like this blog post?)
  3. Live fridge freezer shopping is an oddly engaging thing on Twitter.
  4. The LO wearing a Sarah hat (from Sarah and Duck) is crazy cute.
  5. Turns out Constantine on Amazon Prime is a decent watch, and anyone who was a fan of Buffy / Angel NEEDS to watch it.
  6. Having a contact lens flap off your eye ball is a really weird sensation.
  7. It is possible to accidentally look spiritual in church.
  8. Giving something away can be such a hassle, it can make you wish you paid for it be taken away.
  9. An innocent request from a toddler doesn’t feel so innocent, when the toddler has a foot on your neck.
  10. This might not be the best idea for a blog post ever.

If live tweeting fridge freezer shopping sounds interesting, dont follow me on Twitter. I’m not likely to do it again for a while.

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