Things Parents Say

One day, your life involves being able to leave the house in under 30 minutes. You have kids, and then your life involves poo, never leaving the house on time, and saying some random sleep deprived sounding thing about rabbit heads,,,

Here’s some of what we’ve caught ourselves saying recently:

  1. No one learns to walk in a cup do they?
  2. Babies don’t need fish to suck on.
  3. Don’t hit Daddy with a malt loaf!
  4. Go put the fish head back on.
  5. Please dont draw on the baby.
  6. Babies don’t eat sausages at bed time
  7. I saw a rabbit head the other day…
  8. Don’t drop Jesus!
  9. I’m fairly certain Growns Ups at Preschool don’t wear their coats upside down.
  10. A vest is not a helmet! (Seriously, how are you meant to argue that?)

Have you said anything particularly weird to your Little One recently?

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