What Should Go In A Hospital Bag?

Congratulations! You’ve almost made it to the end of your / your partners pregnancy. You have almost made it to the time of big questions, questions such as, is your little one hungry? tired? Or just plain upset?

Before your little one comes into the world, there is one last question you need to ask yourselves. What should go into your hospital bag?

Here is the Dads Sofa list of things that should go in a hospital bag, to support mum, dad, and child.*

  1. Energy drinks
  2. Coffee! Death Wish coffee is obviously an option, and infact drinking it could be a beautifully ironic way of celebrating new life. (I’ve had other ideas for coping with parental sleep deprivation here)
  3. Sleeping bag, with air mattress.
  4. How not to kill your baby (Because if you’ve not started reading a parenting book yet, you probably should read one quick!)
  5. Big book of breathing exercises. (New Dads to be. Dont snigger. Trust me – remembering to breathe well really does help!)
  6. Map to the nearest source of food.
  7. Jelly Babies
  8. iPhone (with dads playlist)
  9. A cold box – containing a beer. You’ll need it.
  10. Phone Charger, and spare phone battery.
  11. Candles
  12. Change of clothing. For everyone.
  13. A Cuddly toy.
  14. Nappies. For your kid.
  15. Remote control car, with trailer (for baby)
  16. An idea of how your going to feed the little one. (This could be written on a scrap piece of paper)
  17. Holy Water (just in case your child turns into a bit of a monster)

Any other ideas?

*possibly not the most serious thing I’ve ever typed.

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