Random things I may have learnt this last week.

This month started well, but sadly crazy life things have led to the blog been neglected a little lately. Its not all been bad, we’ve managed to clear out a massively dodgy corner of our garden – which was a job that was needing to be done months ago… but anyway.

As seems to be my way at times, here is a random list of things I may have learnt this last week.  (Hopefully the following is a more interesting read then I made it sound)

  1. Trampolines are awesome to relax on.
  2. It seems I can set up a web server, and relocate a website to that web server.
  3. It’s possible to catch yourself saying Sorry to an invisible friend.
  4. Pretend tea parties on a trampoline are also awesome.
  5. Once you have a certain amount of Lego minifigures, buying them from Sainsburys (and not your Lego centre), is just silly.
  6. Going past Lego Frozen with a 3 year old girl is asking for trouble a tearful wallet.
  7. The LO has learnt how to use iPlayer. On both the PC and the set top box. This could lead to problems.
  8. Having a  sense of achievement does wonders for the self esteem. (I guess I knew this, but its nice to be reminded)
  9. The view of the sky from a trampoline is indeed awesome.
  10. While this isn’t the best idea for a blog post, its a useful way of doing a summary of stuff.

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