Keeping yourself hydrated…

This is the first day of the Mens Health Week, and I’ve been challenged by TENA Men to make some changes that will make me healthier.

In conversation with TENA Men, Dr Hilary says: “Staying hydrated is imperative for maintaining a healthy bladder and balanced lifestyle. I would always recommend drinking at least six to eight glasses of liquid a day.”

To help with this, TENA Men have sent a Zekolo Infusion Water Bottle. The water bottle includes a “compact filter”, in which you can put some fruit, which in turn flavours the water within the bottle.

Please ignore the box of “stuff” in the background there… that and the bubbles…

The box gives a couple of reasons why you’d want to consider an infusion water bottle. The top three make me wonder if this is designed with someone like me in mind…

  • Reduces food cravings… Having a couple of less biscuits, crisps, packets of chocolate a day must be a good thing right?
  • Inspires you to drink more water… I get cramp. Drinking water is meant to help with that. Therefore I reckon anything that inspires me to drink more water must be a good thing right?
  • A substitute to sugary drinks… There may be some people out there that think I should drink less Diet Coke. Or at least buy some shares in Coke…

So what is the Zekolo like to use? Massively simple. I only needed the instructions to tell me how to unlock the bottle. Mostly because I wasn’t awake when I was trying it out, not due to it being designed badly.

So far I’ve tried grapes, and now I’ve got Lemon and Lime. Obviously the Lemon / Lime combination gives a far stronger taste.

A final random observation. The LO has enjoyed playing with the box, around her leg… like a robot leg.

I would recommend the Zekolo Water Bottle to anyone wanting a decent water bottle with a difference, and have fun experimenting with the fruit you include.

The Zekolo Water Bottle  is part of the Men’s Health kit has been supplied for free by TENA Men, for the purposes of blogging about Men’s Health Week. All my opinions are my own – and not borrowed from elsewhere. 



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