A Little Bit of Manscaping

This Mens Health Week, and I’ve been challenged by TENA Men to make some changes that will make me healthier and feel better.

Day 3 is a little different to what I think I was expecting,.. this is the challenge from TENA Men…

When you look good, you feel great, so when it comes to keeping up appearances, don’t neglect downstairs. Thanks to the rise of the manscaping trend, it seems that every man is in pursuit of neat and tidy nether regions.

TENA Men tip: Stay clean and fresh down below and feel like a dapper gentleman while doing it with this grooming kit. Products like Below The Belt’s Fresh & Dry Balls do exactly what they say on the tin. It is highly recommended by blokes, as is the Waterless Shower Groin Cleanser, which is to your ‘boys’ what dry shampoo is to hair.

Inside the box…

I have to admit, when I first started reading the above, I wondered what on earth was in store for me, after all… according to Google… manscaping is “the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic purposes.”

Thankfully this wasn’t a set of specially designed clippers.

Instead I found a couple of creams and gels, designed to act as an antiperspirant, a freshener, or for protection against chaffing… apparently you’re meant to use that one just before you start a sporting activity.

I guess they do exactly what they’re meant to do, they help keep you fresh downstairs. Does that help make me feel better about myself?


The Below The Belt kit is part of the Men’s Health kit has been supplied for free by TENA Men, for the purposes of blogging about Men’s Health Week. All my opinions are my own – and not borrowed from elsewhere. 

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