Being In Control…

While it’s not the easiest thing to discuss, in fact, nearly a fifth (18 per cent) of men have confessed they would rather give up going to the gym for a whole year than admit to it, the experience of urine leakage is shared by one in four UK men over the age of 40.

To keep control of your bladder, TENA Men have these simple tips: watch your weight, clench your pelvic floor, limit your fluids before bed time and avoid ‘trigger’ foods or drink, such as caffeine and alcohol.

For those who do experience urine leakage, it’s easy to stay in control with TENA Men.

Locking in all drips and dribbles with its ultra-absorbent core, TENA Men Protective Shield leaves men feeling fresh and dry, so they are free to carry on with their day.

Why not try TENA Men Protective Shield for yourself? You can order a free sample here.


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