Some Non-EU Conversation Ideas.

Ok. Lets face it, its been an “interesting” week here in Britain, with slightly over half the population* voting to leave the EU… Obviously this leaves just under half the population* wondering what the other half were thinking.

Now if you’re meeting up with people over the weekend, but want to avoid a fight about the EU, it may be best to try and avoid talking about it altogether.**

To help with this, let me introduce you to The Non EU Referendum Conversation Starter Card. Feel free to print this out, and take it with you as you go out and about this weekend, and use it to help you decide what to talk about… without upsetting anyone**.

Conversation Card

* …that voted.

** Possibly. Sofa cant be held responsible for any negative outcomes from using this conversation starter card. Positive ones… we can. Negative… Big no….

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