Jungle Beat – The Explorers

Last summer, I discovered Jungle Beat, and the computer game that went alongside it. Jungle Beat features different animal characters in a series of simple yet increasingly bizarre and chaos ridden situations as the episode carries on. Back then I wondered if there was an influence from old school Warner Brothers cartoons.

The Explorers is a 13-episode series that follows four explorers and the elusive animals they’re trying to spot throughout their many adventures. Dexter, Rita, Simon and Mirabelle are the explorers, trying to discover more about the animals they seek, but their enthusiasm gets in the way… very regularly… much like the little 3 year old I sat down and watched a couple of preview episodes with.

The Little Person found it attention grabbing enough to put down the Topsy and Tim game, and give them a good watch. Which (knowing her love for all things Topsy), is a definite seal of approval.

Check out the first episode here:

If you’re looking for a little distraction on Youtube, I’d suggest to giving the rest of Jungle Beat – The Explorers a quick go.

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