Parenthood Accidents No One Tells You About

*** Trigger Warning – Some details some people may find gross ****

There we are, relaxing on the grass when Daddy somehow becomes a climbing frame.

As part of the climbing frame experience, I get grass thrown on me…In the midst of the grass throwing… Something happened… It seemed it was a great idea to push grass up my nose.

The photo shows what came out of my nostril…

This made me wonder what other accidents parents could possibly have. (But are so stupid no one speaks of it)

How about:

  1. Falling over a hoola hoop, through your back door, and onto the concrete paving outside.
  2. That sodding plastic tea pot on the floor… Which you still haven’t picked up since you last stepped on it.
  3. Picking up the Little One… Putting them down… Picking them up…. Putting them down… Back gives out….
  4. Skate board. Stairs.
  5. Accidentally riding a scooter in a supermarket checkout aisle.
  6. Accidental Asthma attack, brought on by trying to keep up with Little One on her bike.
  7. After waving your arms around in a mad attempt to ensure your little one doesn’t fall off the church pew, you accidentally hit an innocent bystander… who in turn, hits you.
  8. Chasing after the little one as she runs under a tree branch. Except you forget to duck under the branch.

Any other ideas?

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