Not A Fan Of “Going Shopping” -You’re Not The Only One

Are you not a fan of “going shopping”?

Turns out you’re not the only one.

A recent study that has been conducted which reveals 53% of men have made an excuse to avoid going shopping with their partner and that the average guy will spend more than three weeks of their life waiting for their other half to shop, whereas women spend just over half that!


That’s according to a new study by Andrews Air Conditioning, who have also identified the top ten things people hate whilst shopping on the high street.

1. Crowds
2. Long queues to pay
3. Not being able to find an item in your size
4. Shops being too hot
5. Queues for the changing rooms
6. Only having one of several tills open when it’s busy
7. Not being able to find a member of staff
8. Not having anywhere to sit and rest
9. Staff who pounce on you as soon as you walk in the shop when you just want to browse
10. Pushy sales staff
The below infographic breaks it all down a little more.
Personally.  I cant stand having to hang around in a hot… stuffy shop.

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