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Something About Procrastination

Love this. I came across this while doing some research for work, but caught myself relating to this… a little too well..

Love how he talks about wikipedia.

Love how he checks the fridge in case the contents have changed over the last ten minutes.

Love how he talks about the lack of deadlines.

I would say how much we use reminder apps to great effect, but that’s probably not the case, the Instant Gratification Monkey finds something better to do. Like looking at the wikipedia entry for Doctor Who, The Angels Take Manhattan.

I’m off to fall down a Youtube type rabbit hole.

Celebrating Apples at The Apple Festival

The Apple Festival at Killerton National Park

It seems that National Apple Day is “a thing”, and that an Apple Festival is a place to be to celebrate.

The Killerton Apple Festival is on the surface, an almost bizarre event that on the surface seems to be all about apples. Picking Apples, juicing apples, toffee apples, apple juice, cider… you get the picture… But once you start having a nose around you also find… Story telling around a fire… Insect hotel building… Face painting… Making apple people…Live music… Archery… Axe throwing… Chain saw carving… and apple runs.

Basically, if you’re not sure if you want to go. Go. Its a lovely family trip out, with a great laid back feel around the place, and apple juice.

Here’s a sample of what we saw there…

Quick cheeky plug for my instagram stories of the day…

Oh. And the juice you get is amazing…

See the Killerton website for more information about it all.

The Family Has Grown!

Well, after a bit of discussion over how the family should grow… we’ve gone and added some Guinea Pigs to the family!

This one is Lilly, she is the friendly adventurous one of the two. (Thus the reason why I have a photo of one, not the two of them) Poppy appears to the grumpy one staying in the sheltered section for now.

With apologies for the guinea pig related instagram spam from me!

Who Should Be The Next Prime Minister? (From the World of CBeebies)

As those in the UK know, it feels like the present season of Brexit Britain has reached a season finale with an election still showing a country divided and an announcement that a new Prime Minister is on its way. Whoever the new PM is, they’ll have to word to unite a fairly divided country.

So who should be the next Prime Minister? Instead of looking at the Conservative Party for ideas, I thought I would look for ideas from the world of CBeebies.

Which CBeebies Star Should Be The Next Prime Minister?

Flop (from Bing)

Image result for Bing Flop gif
Lets face it. The guy knows his diplomacy. Sadly the press will be probably be too distracted by discussing where he was born than his policies.

The Snow Queen

Image result for snow queen cbeebies gif
There’s no Queen better….
But could possibly be a little evil.

Ubercorn (From Go Jetters)

Image result for go jetters gif
He’s hip.
He’s cool.
He likes pizza.
He leads his team.
He has had a staring role in saving Christmas.
But I fear his purple hair may put some off him, and we’ll end up with…
Image result for go jetters gif


Image result for hey duggee gif
Because if Duggee cant save us.
We’re in trouble.

Who would you vote for?

Stuff Found Online This Week

A random collection of stuff I’ve found online this week, that I figured was… shareable…

Something to read…

You don’t often read many pieces in the news about the positive side of gaming. Now there’s this…

Robert and Trude mourned what they thought had been a lonely and isolated life for their disabled son. But when Mats died, they discovered that people all over Europe lit candles in his memory.


Something a little funny…

A Paint app? It a little… don’t play this around small kids… Or polite people…

Something to listen to…

David Tennant! You know… Doctor 10. He’s done a podcast, where he has basically opened up his address book, and sat down for a chat with a different famous person each week.

Either way. Its like having David Tennant in your ears. Listen to it here.

Something to watch…

Not seen the latest avengers trailer yet? Watch it here…

Anything you feel I’ve missed? Please share below!

Making Magic Jars.

(This post could also be called “Craft That I’m Actually Happy To Do”, or “How To Make Magic Without The Mess”.)

I’m not a fan of craft. Well, I’m not a fan of craft when it’s just me and the little one.

So Glow DIY Magic Jars ReviewPerhaps it’s the mess. Particularly when the glitter comes out. I quite like the idea of Mummy not coming back home from work, to find the place looks like a child’s craft factory.

When I got the option of trying out So Glows DIY Magic Jars, I knew our crafty girly would be up for it. But privately hoped I wouldn’t be the parent around to try it out.

Well that wasn’t to be.

The small ones reaction to it wasn’t what I expected. Looking at the girl on the box she said, “Shes got pink finger nails, like mine.”

Good to see that the marketing on the box works.

So Glow DIY Magic Jars ReviewOpening the box calmed my mess-aware fears quickly. Step one of the instructions was to put a cover over the table. Liked that. The following steps were very simple, and kept anything that could have made a mess – mess free. (Unless of course you spill the water, but I’m not sure you can blame So Glow for that.)

What you end up with is little jars, with coloured water, glitter, and a little toy in. Oh and it all lights up when you shake it! Its almost like you shake it to wake it. (Wasn’t that the Orangina tag line?)

That, combined with the stickers, made for a very excited 5 year old when Mummy came back home, she was very keen to show the magic jars to!

This isn’t a quick activity if you have one child and a pack of multiple jars you find doing a few one after the other. Because it seems, doing one jar isn’t enough.
The So Glow Magic Jars are available from Argos – and well, I honestly reckon they would make a great present for crafty young ones.
This is a collaborative post, whilst the items in question were free, the opinions and thoughts expressed above are all mine.

#MySundayPhoto – Christmas Lights

Three lessons of the week.

  1. Small one finds driving around looking at lights fairly boring. Walking and looking lights is entirely different.
  2. Taking a short cut over a park in the dark can seem fun. Letting small one go on the zip wire in the dark is also a nice fun “holiday thing” to do, but and this is the important bit, if you decide to go on the zip wire yourself, remember one simple trick. Hold On.
  3. Hitting your head as you fall off a zip wire isn’t a cool, hip, or trendy look on any Dad.

Its Men’s Health Week

Hey guess what? It seems its Men’s Health Week this week. Which I kinda didn’t realise until I saw a little something from TENA Men in my inbox.

I guess men are good at talking about things like… well beer and stuff. (As a signed up member of the introvert club* I’m not great at talking about much more than that.) We’re definitely not great at talking about heath.

To give us men a subtle chance to think about health, TENA have released the above infographic showing the amount of guys that seem to have trouble with “urine leakage” … and the chance to get some free TENA Men pads in case this includes you. Check out the TENA website if you fancy a free sample.

I’ve been compensated for the above.