Craft Ideas With Chalk Pens from Chalkola (And 20% Off Voucher!)

Craft Ideas With Chalk Pens from ChalkolaLooking for an idea for a crafty activity? How about something with chalk? Not pieces of chalk, although they are cool, how about chalk pens from Chalkola?

Not heard of chalk pens? Well chalk pens like Chalkola Markers are based on using water based chalk, this means it uses chalk, but acts similar to a normal marker pen. According to the packaging they can used on “non porous surfaces”, such as glass, whiteboards, mirrors, plastics, chalkboards, ceramics – I guess they could be used on any flat surface as long as you test it somewhere subtle first.

Using the chalk pens themselves are a great craft activity that offer an obvious difference to anything pen and paper based, and as such hold an instant interest for keen little ones that may have a short attention span.

So what can you do with these things? Here are some activity ideas we’ve tried with Chalk Pens.

Craft Ideas With Chalk Pens from ChalkolaDraw on glasses and bowls.

This was a great 20 minute activity on our kitchen table, where we let the little one loose on a drinks glass. The end result is just to the side here, and prompted a cry from the little one of “This is art!“.  The picture of santa above was also a result of the kitchen table session… (Santa has since been released for good behavior)

Reward ChartsCraft Ideas With Chalk Pens from Chalkola

We’ve brought a cheap mirror from the local recycling centre, hung it in the hallway, and drew a rainbow on it.

The idea is that, when the little one makes good choices, she moves up the rainbow. For bad choices, she moves down. Based on an idea from preschool, this seems an effective way to help encourage good behaviour, as little one is keen to get to the sunshine.

Notes For The Family

Need to leave a message for someone? Write it on the mirror!

Want to tell someone you love them? Write it on the bathroom mirror!

Christmas Decorations

Now this was cool. We spent some time drawing Christmassy stuff on our patio doors.

As a result, I now have a snowman looking at me from our window – and also looking out at our garden.

Here’s the snowman being… “built”.

A Note About Mess…

Don’t worry if you make a mistake or are ready to get rid of the chalk creation, all if takes is a wet wipe or two to clean the Chalkola Markers off. (Remember to test each new surface before letting the creative juices flow, we’ve only tested them on glass so far. If used on porous surfaces, it may be difficult to remove).

Futher information about Chalkola Markers can be found at

Chalkola Markers are a fun crafty accessory, that both little ones and grown ups can enjoy using.  If you’re interested in them, you can pick up  pack of normal 6mm pens from Amazon on this link, or the “Earthly Colours” pack on this link. Make sure you use the voucher code 20OFFSTR and get 20% off! 


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