Welcome To Cornwall. #MySundayPhoto

As my Gran had her 100th Birthday celebrations over the last weekend, we decided to make a thing of it, risk the small one in a hotel room, and actually have a break away together.

It, was, awesome.

The small one loved exploring the new surroundings, she slept (woo), I also got to take the small one around places I explored around about her age.

The picture above, is of St Mawes in Cornwall. A gorgeous little village south of Truro.

If I’m an organised little blogger, there may be a proper post about what to find in Cornwall, coming soon.


11 Thoughts on “Welcome To Cornwall. #MySundayPhoto

  1. 100! Well worth celebrating.

    It’s funny how much trepidation there can be about staying away with little ones. And yet so often they just go with the flow and embrace the change. I think sometimes we forget how much of their young lives is already changing every single day with every new experience they have.

  2. Wow, belated happy birthday to your Gran. Cornwall is such a delightful place to visit, I’m glad you had a nice break.

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