Why Is Your Child Angry?

Kids are great. Except when they’re not. Sometimes, children can just be angry little creatures of fury. Sometimes kids can be lovely. Other times, they just snarl, and make you wonder why is your child angry.

If you ever wonder why your child is angry, this may be the thing for you.

Simply spin the wheel below, and the mystery of your child’s anger will be resolved!

Or they could just be tired.

Are there any you would add to the above?

Obviously there may be other reasons, and if you’re worried, Sofa would suggest to seek advice from a trained professional – not a spinning wheel.

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2 Thoughts on “Why Is Your Child Angry?

  1. #thesatsesh haha, I got ‘because they can read it’ as my son (actually not currently angry at all) sits next to me reading his books lol….i love this spinner – may pop back and use it for all advice. Hmm..looked for career advice and it told be about toast cut into squares…is this a sign I should become a baker?

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