(This post could also be called “Craft That I’m Actually Happy To Do”, or “How To Make Magic Without The Mess”.)

I’m not a fan of craft. Well, I’m not a fan of craft when it’s just me and the little one.

So Glow DIY Magic Jars ReviewPerhaps it’s the mess. Particularly when the glitter comes out. I quite like the idea of Mummy not coming back home from work, to find the place looks like a child’s craft factory.

When I got the option of trying out So Glows DIY Magic Jars, I knew our crafty girly would be up for it. But privately hoped I wouldn’t be the parent around to try it out.

Well that wasn’t to be.

The small ones reaction to it wasn’t what I expected. Looking at the girl on the box she said, “Shes got pink finger nails, like mine.”

Good to see that the marketing on the box works.

So Glow DIY Magic Jars ReviewOpening the box calmed my mess-aware fears quickly. Step one of the instructions was to put a cover over the table. Liked that. The following steps were very simple, and kept anything that could have made a mess – mess free. (Unless of course you spill the water, but I’m not sure you can blame So Glow for that.)

What you end up with is little jars, with coloured water, glitter, and a little toy in. Oh and it all lights up when you shake it! Its almost like you shake it to wake it. (Wasn’t that the Orangina tag line?)

That, combined with the stickers, made for a very excited 5 year old when Mummy came back home, she was very keen to show the magic jars to!

This isn’t a quick activity if you have one child and a pack of multiple jars you find doing a few one after the other. Because it seems, doing one jar isn’t enough.
The So Glow Magic Jars are available from Argos – and well, I honestly reckon they would make a great present for crafty young ones.
This is a collaborative post, whilst the items in question were free, the opinions and thoughts expressed above are all mine.

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