This Easter in Exeter

A look at Easter Events in and around Exeter

If you’ve not already been there for (what probably feels like ages), welcome to the Easter Holidays! There are plenty of activities in and around the Exeter area this Easter, here’s a collection of what to look out for.*

Killerton have the National Trust Easter Egg hunt. It was awesome last year, its been awesome again this year. Costs £2.50 on top of normal charges, but you also get an egg at the end of it, and the money goes towards the upkeep of Killerton. There are also other National Trust Easter events going on near Exeter.

Trinity Church, have an Easter Egg hunt happening in the Newcourt area of Exeter.

Exeter Cathedral has a number of services over Easter (well it is Easter), there is also the Lego Big Build to check out.

The Amazing Pinhoe area have a Easter Trail happening on the Friday. Followed by a Easter Party at the community minded Alicia’s on the Sunday.

Loads of stores have Easter Egg hunts, Greendale Farm (great for food), Bernaville Nursery, Ikea has one where you get enter into a competition if you win, and Sainsburys also…. has an app… thing. (Nothing seems to happen after completing the first one, but tempts you back for a second go).

The Exeter Underground Passages have an Easter Egg Hunt. I’ve not confirmed if it involves kids getting lost underground…

Thats what I’ve found so far… please comment below what I’ve missed out. As I’m sure there’s plenty! (I’ve not mentioned anything happening in Princesshay, but I’m sure there’s a load of stuff happening in town)

*… also we kept forgetting about the activities we heard about, and I figured writing it up would help!

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