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This Easter in Exeter

A look at Easter Events in and around Exeter If you’ve not already been there for (what probably feels like ages), welcome to the Easter Holidays! There are plenty of activities in and around the Exeter area this Easter, here’s a collection of what to look out for.* Killerton have the National Trust Easter Egg […]


What To Do in Exeter?

Looking for ideas to help you decide what to do in Exeter, when you are out and about? The other day we had a conversation, where we said we wanted to go out. But we weren’t sure where we wanted to go. I’m sure this isn’t an Exeter thing, and I’m sure we’re not the […]

Thank You.

It started Friday morning. I roused from my sleep, turned over and looked at my phone. It was earlier then I was expecting. I still decided to check Facebook. What I saw made me sit up, it was a video of the Art Gallery building on Cathedral Green on fire. As the morning progressed, it […]