This Week In The Internet – The Political Protest Edition

My continuing attempt at doing a weekly round up of random things I’ve found online this week…

When Donald Trump Holds A Social Media Conference.

Did you hear the thing about Donald Trump hosting a Social Media conference, and not inviting Facebook or Twitter?

According to CNN…

In addition to inviting leaders from traditional conservative think tanks, such as the Heritage Foundation and Claremont Institute, the White House has requested the presence of far-right internet personalities and trolls, some of whom have pushed conspiracy theories, lies and misinformation.


So… Something like The Sinister Six meeting at the White House?

When Political Protest Meets Sport?

Warning. Contains naughty words,

The Great Hack. The Next Netflix Thing To Look Out For?

What I’m Listening To This Week…

Wondered About Mental Health And Computer Games?

Read This from Games Radar…

Until that night, I thought scary was airplane turbulence. I thought it was telling that one girl how much you like her. I thought it was movies about dudes who wear masks. I was wrong. I didn’t know what scary meant until that night. I didn’t know what scary meant until I found myself lying on a couch at 3:00 AM, paralyzed by a combination of desperation, hopelessness and benzodiazepine. I didn’t know what scary meant until, between the gasping and crying, I heard myself say something I never, ever thought I’d say.

“I want to kill myself.”

Games Radar.

And Finally… The Sport That Should Be A Thing…

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