The Summer Holiday Bucket List

The Summer Holidays have now hit the Sofa household. The good news. There are no school runs for the next six weeks. The “interesting news”… what do we do for the next weeks?

Not for any “making precious memories” type reasons, but because its good to know we have something to do.

Here’s what I’ve got so far…

  1. Try one of the Gluten Free Cones at Orange Elephant.
  2. Tidy the living room.
  3. Pick sunflowers at Darts Farm.
  4. Explore a different beach to normal.
  5. Take a boat ride.
  6. Go fruit picking.
  7. Jump around Dartmoor.
  8. Get the paddling pool out, spend the rest of the summer trying to fix that part of the lawn.
  9. Think about looking for the big tent.
  10. Drink Cider. By a river. (And repeat)
  11. Actually finish painting the shed.
  12. Remember to defrost burgers before the BBQ is lit.
  13. Tidy the living room.
  14. Just move the flipping stuff around the living room, so it appears to be tidy in Instagram photos.

What plans have you added? Or are plans for this sort of thing just silly?

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