Getting Good Seats At The Nativity Play

Christmas. Its a time of goodwill, peace to all men. Apart from obviously during late night Christmas shopping, Tesco, the end of the work do, and when parents wrestle for the best seat at the School Nativity play.

So how can you get the good seats at a school nativity play?

Here’s our tips*:

  1. Involve Spy / Friend on the inside who’s paid enough attention to know the quick way in.
  2. Use your Ninja skills to sneak past people.
  3. Invest in some bribe material for the school receptionist. (Chocolate, or alcohol would usually do the trick)
  4. Wear some American football style armor.
  5. Use any PE Equipment / Zip Wire to your advantage.
  6. Nativity Play at the end of the day? Drop the child off at the start of the day… don’t go home. (May need the above mentioned bribe material to avoid the cops being called).
  7. Walk in while wearing a nativity costume. Enough people may sit far enough away from you, so you end up getting a good seat anyway. Particularly if you’re dressed and smelling like a donkey.
  8. Fly a drone into the school hall, watch nativity via drones camera. Hope the battery for the drone doesn’t die.
  9. Involve a well placed confused old dear to stand in (other) peoples way.
  10. Sleeping bag. Reserve your place when the school closes the day before.

Any other ideas?

*Obviously if you do any of this, people may look at you oddly / arrange for you to be arrested. Good Luck…

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