Playing Degrees of Separation on The Switch

I’m not sure what it was about Degrees of Separation that first got my attention, but I’d been looking for it on sale for a while.

Loading up the two player game, I suggested to the seven year old that she may want to join. She gladly took my up on the offer, and joined in.

We found that Degrees of Separation is a puzzle driven platformer, with the focus on how your characters impact the surroundings. He freezes the world around, she heats it up – and the two of you can’t touch.

We’re playing through this as a two player co-op, but there are also one player, and online versions available.

First impressions, is quite simply that this game is beautiful to look at. Each level is coloured differently to reflect the part of the screen your character is in, seamlessly changing as you both move around. 

The puzzles focus on team work between the characters, she impacts the world in ways he can’t, and vica versa. And if one of you playing is a seven year old, you may catch yourself saying that teamwork is important time and time again. I’ll leave you to decide if this is a good thing.

One last point for now, this isn’t a particularly action packed game, it immersive, and it pays to take your time. But I found it a good excuse to explain to the small one to slow down, and to appreciate what the game has to offer. Don’t expect levels to complete in this game, think… more long chapters in a book.

We’re not far into it yet, but (at the time of hitting publish), this is on sale in the Nintendo Switch store for just a few quid. I’d recommend going and grabbing it.

Indeed judging from the request from the small one, I think the small one would agree.

Here’s the trailer.

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