This Week In The Internet

Once upon a time, I started to round up some of the bits of internet, that I figured needed to be shared. I say “started to”- mostly because this doesn’t seem to have happened for a while. I’m not sure why.

This little round up comes at the end of a week where the bike was in the garage, meaning I spent a lot more time walking the streets of Exeter than normal.

Don’t be defined by your mistakes…

Keep watching till the end…

When you spend 21 years sleeping on a London Bus…

The BBC have provided a different view of asylum seekers….

Sunny had dared to hope for a bright future, safe under the protection of Her Majesty the Queen – that figurehead familiar from sun-faded colonial posters across Nigeria. But his request for asylum was refused.

That left him with two options: go home to a country under the iron fist of a military ruler, where his death sentence would finally be carried out, or go underground.

It wasn’t a difficult choice.

BBC News

Its a long read, but worth grabbing a drink, and sitting down for a read.

Being A #TradWife

And then… there’s this…

Something for the Doctor Who fans out there, there is an English / Judoon translator. Could be useful for this weekends Doctor Who episode?

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