#MySundayPhoto. A Memory.

Well The My Sunday Photo linky is back. Once upon a time I uploaded photos of various sights from around Devon.

This is more of a memory.

Taken during a government allowed walk, well actually that downplays it. I’m fairly certain this was my fourth trip out of the house in 7 weeks.

Possibly not healthy. Or is it healthy?

Does anyone know anymore?

I guess not many people really know. And that, in itself, is kinda reassuring.

On another note. If anyone out there knows a decent way to make images “blog friendly” from an iphone. Please let know the app below!


3 Thoughts on “#MySundayPhoto. A Memory.

  1. Like Darren says it’s a new normal, personally I like the feel of phone photography, a quick unedited shot, just like real life #mysundayphoto

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