Where To Go, Once Restrictions Are Lifted In Devon

How many weeks into Lockdown are we now? It all feels a little strange doesn’t it? I don’t know about you, but I’ve started to make a list of where I wanted to go in Devon once restrictions are lifted – and its all a bit safer.

My thinking started off as planning a day trip… but I guess my list started getting out of hand.

Does this mean I miss the world outside my front door? Perhaps.

But I guess waiting these things out is important, and until things have all blown over a little bit more, I’ll be adding to my list of “places to explore again”.

Well. Here’s my Devon wish list…

  1. My local. Its not a great pub – its a bit… “chainy”, but I kinda want to go for the sake of going.
  2. The Beach! And I almost don’t care which beach! I live in Devon – I need more beach in my life!
  3. The Orange Elephant. Dont go here, don’t have their chocolate ice cream. I”ll eat it for you.
  4. Darts Farm. Ok, so its one of those farm shop places that sucks your wallet dry, but they do Gluten Free Scotch Eggs. And I’m… kinda missing them.
  5. Killerton. A National Trust property, which happens to be one of my happy places.
  6. Dartmoor. Because its Dartmoor, and its flipping beautiful… but. I do wonder how Social Distancing may work in some of the pubs up there.
  7. Double Locks. Because if Heaven has a pub, and I hope it does, it would be a lot like the Double Locks.

That’s my wish list at the moment.

Where are you looking forward to going after Lockdown has finished?

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