That week just gone…

Well. Thats another week gone. Not sure what that week was, or where indeed – where did it go?

The week seemed to go by, but the days slowly? I don’t know.

Anyway last week I pondered if I was able to do a weekly blog more than one week in the row. Turns out, I can…

This weeks Geocache Score Cards.

Geocaches searched for: 0.

Geocaches found: 0.

Comments: 100% Success rate! Right?

Adulting fail.

Elderflower in last stage of fermenting…Hang on?
How long has it been sat there for?
And just where is the line between Elderflower wine, and just making your own Elderflower liquor?

Work From Home Lesson

Skates are handy to have on your child when your dragging them out the room.

Still annoyed at The Government?

A u-turn isn’t a bad thing.But pretending you’ve not heard of the guy leading the campaign to convince you to do the right thing, until the last minute?
And another thing?
Let’s just give the tracing app to Google/Apple?They at least know what they’re doing.

Quote of the week.

“I want to wear pyjamas all day!”-The seven year old. (Speaking what we’re all thinking)

Let’s see if I can do three weeks in a row…

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