That Week Just Gone

Welcome to the end of June! Soon we’ll be free to take a socially distanced trip to the pub on a summers day. Because alcohol and social distancing works so flipping well?

The fancy news from this week is that we’ve been able to borrow a gazebo, which is both very lovely, and nice! Thank you guys!

This weeks round up includes a new slot! The Philosopher of The Week…

This weeks Geocache Score Cards.

Geocaches searched for: 0.
Geocaches found: 0.

Comments: So, whilst cycling with the small one – I went to look for one.
The small one said no.
Small one started cycling off.
Next time, I guess?

Adulting fail.

Saturday night: shall we give this CD to the little one tomorrow?
Sunday morning “Would you like a present?”
Also Sunday morning – Where the flip is that CD?

Turns out, I’d put it with the cider.

The Philosopher of The Week

I believe St Goldblum has some wise words for us as we wonder out of Lockdown.

Thinking about going to the beach?

Work From Home Lesson

Have the option to take holiday?

Take some flipping holiday.

Yeah, you’re probably still spending most of your time at home, but at least you’re not at your desk worrying about work.

Still annoyed at The Government?

According to Boris, some of us are taking liberties with Lockdown / Coronavirus rules. I guess next time we want to all go to the beach, we should all go to Bernard Castle? That seems to be allowed?

So. Yes.

Quote of the week.

“Some people can get closer to other people, even with the virus around.”-The seven year old, potentially starting to learn about nuanced messages.

Thats week number three. Does this mean I’m running the risk of writing a regular feature?

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