The Week Just Gone

Welcome to mid July, and I have a question – are we still in Lockdown? Or is this now officially some sort of “Social Distancing Age”?

This week is brought to you via a shoulder that is making me regret rolling down a grassy slope. (It was a game thing, I didn’t randomly fall down a small hill or anything like that)

This weeks Geocache Score Cards.

Geocaches searched for: 0.
Geocaches found: Still 0.

Comments: Perhaps I should drop this section?

Adulting fail.

Guess what!

It turns out I’m too old to roll down a slope and not live to regret it?

Turns out I dont bounce as well as a 7 year old….

The Philosopher of The Week

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Drink.jpg
No idea who wrote this. But this.

Work From Home Lesson

Yes. Let them have two biscuits. or cake…. whatevers…

Still annoyed at The Government?

Let’s see. On Saturday the pubs open. On Tuesday  it emerges that a few pubs spent the last couple of days doing contact tracing. (It seems there was no process for passing that info onto NHS Test and Trace).

Whatever happened to the world beating app anyway? Has it been beaten into submission by other apps, that actually bloody work? Has it been left beaten in a corner somewhere?  If that was the case Boris, would probably come out and say how our app was to good for the world to take.

On the subject of Boris, are we really actually seeing Stage 1 of the plan (probably scribbled on the back of a fag packet), called “Don’t blame us for the care home deaths, it was all their fault.”

Also Face Masks? What is the official messaging about Face Masks now?

Quote of the week.

Mummy: “You pulled my hair!”

LO: “I didn’t pull it all out!” 

Have a good week you!

(No not you #sigh)

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