That Week Just Gone.

Perhaps its the change of the coffee, but… is anyone else like…. tired?

Words According to Kids

“Passining”: the footballing act of taking the ball, and running in a zig zag direction, so the other players don’t get the ball.


Adulting fail.

Those letters about renewing my insurance?

They can wait for another day, right?

The Philosopher of The Week

Frequently, we see Jesus as if looking through a keyhole, unable or unwilling to see a bigger picture. In fact, the sad truth is, we make Him out to be what we want.

Bob Fabey

Work From Home Lesson

Note to self. Find reasons to work while walking away from the desk or something more often. It helps with the tired.

Still annoyed at The Government?

Deep… breath…

I’m writing this on the Monday normally I write it on the Saturday, we still have most of the week to go, and already I don’t know where to start? Do I rant about a government, that encourages us to all go out and get food half price one week, just to tell us we’re all fat the next week?

Or do I talk about the plans to tax us all for shopping online? Personally I quite like not joining the crowds in town, not getting onto the bus, or joining the traffic jams. (Which by the way, Devon seems very good at traffic jams). I guess if this tax does happen, there will just be less money to spend on the High Street when I do get there.

Thank you Tories…

Oh and then this, last thing on Thursday night

Due to households not social distancing? Sounds like someone is deflecting to me…

I guess the really very important question is.

Has anyone checked if Dominic Cummings has family in Manchester?

Quote of the week.

*while Animal Crossing is played*

Me: “what can you do with all the weed?”

Mummy: “Sell it?”

Next week. We might be doing something silly…

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