That Week Just Gone

The clocks have gone forward, the nights are getting dark, and its Halloween during a pandemic – whilst Boris is flapping around, and leaking possible ideas of what may or may not happen.

Thinking about it. We dont need to watch any horror movies tonight… we can just put the news on.

Adulting fail.

You see that picture to the right hand side of this little blog?

That little black and white number where I try and look… at least a little neat and tidy.

You see that beard?

In order to keep it looking like that, I need to be organised, and the type to have good habits. I am neither of those things.

In an unrelated notes.

Did you know that its possible to get your upper lip stuck to a can of beer?

Philosopher of the week

“In always protecting ourselves against endings we also prevent beginnings”

Sam Conniff & Alex Barker – How to: Be More Pirate

Yes. Its the same as last week, but see the above comment about organisation.

Still annoyed at The Government

All flipping week there have been rumours of the R rate going up.

Lockdowns happening in other countries.

Where the hell is Boris Johnson?

Quote of the week.

“You dont need to be married to have a baby?”

It turns out you can also get a baby by adopting… but you know…

Next Week: Lockdown 2 – Unless you’re Dominic Cummings in which case you can do whatever you like.

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