That Week Just Gone

Half way through typing this, news about Biden winning the Election came through. Thank you America.

Adulting fail.

Meal planning. MASSIVE Adulting success right?

Setting reminders to take meat out of freezer. MASSIVE Adulting success right?

Seeing said reminders and doing bugger all about it? Yeh. Thats about right…

Philosopher of the week

Wise words there.

Still annoyed at The Government

Never ask, “Where is Boris Johnson?” He’ll probably reappear and put us all in lockdown.

Anyone remember those days when people were encouraged to all go into the office and buy over priced sandwiches?

Anyone else remember when we’re encouraged to do our patriot duty and eat out to help out?

Those days went well.

Quote of the week.

Small one: Do you know what the next celebration is?

Mummy: Fireworks night?

Little One: And after that?

Mummy: Christmas?

Little One: No. It’s Topsy’ birthday. It’s on December 1st

Topsy. By the way. Is Topsy from Topsy and Tim…

Next Week: Bets on Donald throwing a tantrum?

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